Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Designer: Rodrigo Massot Jewelry

I have a confession to make, I sometimes, not quite very often but still I do, buy fashion magazines in foreign languages to scout for international talents. Even though I don't understand a word in the, the photos are enough to say a thousand words, of course and then I have to scan the article for the designer's name, google it, read more about it to understand the story behind the brand or the special piece featured in the magazine. Rodrigo Massot is one of my recent foreign finds. He's s a young Brazilian jewelry designer who's fascinated by the art of the ancient world. He makes fine jewelry with the most exceptional designs using beautiful precious stones and diamonds. I couldn't find much about him online. His instagram account though had some real eye candy. I fell in lust with his earrings, they look like they're a one of a kind pieces that will leave people talking, in a good way. I hope they don't break the bank… I'll leave you now with some eye candy...

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