It's All About the Beads

I was walking randomly around Souk Mubarakiya the other day, which is one of my favorite things to do recently, and came across these bright beaded necklaces. I was more interested in the neutral colored ones with the vintage-like metal charm. "They're not for sale", told me the sales guy referring to the ones with the mental charms which of course I fell in love with the most. "What do you mean?!! You have to sell them! To me!". The guys shook his head in refusal. I was only able to buy the rest of the colored beads. Oh well... I shrugged my shoulders, took these photos for future reference in case I change my mind and left in peace.

Note to retailers, please don't display something in your store that cannot be purchased by a client, not a very pleasant experience for a hard core shopper.


A. said…
I never find anything in Mubarakiya x(

How 'bout tsaweenlina tour? ;p