St. AlMakan

Last week I tried out a new and a hip restaurant headed by Kuwaiti Chef and Le Cordon Bleu grad Faisal Al Nashmi called St. AlMakan. Basically it's an original underground streetfood eatery inspired by the urban streets, and it's actually part of @almakan_kw project. The eatery is across from Fabrics' market in Kuwait City, and for the time being they don't take reservations, but if you go around 7:30PM, you can guarantee a table. I was invited by my sweet cousin, so she has ordered all sorts of things to try out. Some were so yummy, like the green curry glazed ribs on mashed potato with pickled onions (my #1 favorite St. AlMakan dish!), the chef's signature beef brisket, and the tasty roasted butternut squash salad with pomegranate and fennel yogurt (shown on the above photo). I wasn't a fan of the chicken dishes mainly because I don't really like eating chicken. But the overall experience was great! Check it out if you're ever in K-town. 


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