Pacha Chic

This is a A long-overdue blog post on one of Bahrain's must-go shopping destination for shabby chic home furnitures, accessories and gifts, introducing Pacha Chic.

Founded by two passionate designers and experienced event planners, Nouf Al Pachachi & Fajer Al Pachachi, the store offers high-quality, affordable vintage style home accessories and services to the market, as well as promote and nurture fellow national business woman who share the same drive as them. They also offer event rentals and services – turning people’s idea’s into reality.
The Pacha Chic founders further explained to me via an online interview that ‘Shabby Chic’ is a style that is widely popular in Europe and the United States and has quickly picked up as a popular furniture style in the Middle East. Many shabby-chic themes centre around the use of shades of white. This is invariably combined with soft dreamy floral-patterns, wonderful pastel blues, greens, creamy peach, and delicate pinks. The girls obviously picked up this passion for interior from their mother,  a respected interior designer who also gives them vital recommendations and directing the overall vision of their interior design and event services.

To date, they have also secured retailer rights for many beautiful international brands, one of them being the popular Netherlands-based porcelain brand, Pip Studio – PIP’s style uses a mix and match concept with layered patterns and has a sharp eye for tiny details and special finishing touches. It allows people to mix their old and new collections, creating their own unique table setting, as a product is never ‘stand alone’, but always an element in a broader concept. In addition to this glamorous brand, they also carry the luxurious Royal Albert fine china brand

The Pacha Chic girls are quite active on social media including instagram, twitter and Facebook (@pachachic). The store is located in Riyadat Mall, Aali.