If Only I Could Turn This Into a Skirt or a Wallpaper...

A few weeks ago, while I was skimming through my instagram's timeline, I came across this stunning illustration posted by @theItMag, a saudi-based lifestyle online magazine. The post was hash tagged #WesAnderson. I knew the famous name, but I was kind of confused, how is it possible that a renowned american film director and screenwriter be associated with an illustration??! So I did my google research, and found out that this illustration, illustrated by Max Dalton, is for a recently-published book titled The Wes Anderson Collection. The book gives an in-depth overview of Anderson’s filmography, guiding readers through his life and career. 

Now back to the illustrator, I visited his website and found out more about him. He's a graphic artist living in Buenos Aires, He has been drawing since he was two or three, and began to take it seriously around the age of thirteen. In the last twenty years he has been involved in several projects like drawing humor strips for a local magazine, creating animations for the TV, doing some editorial illustration and, most of all, working on personal artistic projects. I scanned his online shop and unfortunately, he only sells posters and books. It would have been amazing if his illustrations can be transformed into wallpapers or even on textiles! I would love to have the above illustration made into a preppy pleated skirt. How adorable is The Royal Tenenbaums's Gywenth Paltrow's character in this illustration (in the middle of the second row)??! Can you spot some of Wes Anderson's iconic movie characters in this illustration?