Outfit of the Day

It's dress-down Friday!!! It's the day we sleep in, catch up on our hobbies (or not), spend quality time with the family, and eat like there's no tomorrow! So I decided to go for my Vyshyvanka by Vita Kin embroidered caftan, it's by a new and hip Ukrainian designer, whom I contacted via whatsapp to place my order. It's amazing what a one post on instagram can generate so much profit all over the world. The designer has become so famous that last August 2014, the wife of Ukrainian president was featured on the cover of Elle magazine dressed in Vyshyvanka by Vita Kin! I chose to pair my comfy caftan with Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals, and minimal accessories. Super comfy day! 

Chocolate cake anyone??


Anonymous said…
Hello! Beautiful dress!

If you are comfortable doing so, would you be able to tell me what the price range for the dress is?