What a MasterPeace

When AlOthman Boutique first received a selection of Moscow-based jewellery and accessories label, Masterpeace in-store, I went crazy! I wanted to buy at least 5 hairbands! It was such a Deja vu moment! It reminded me of the time when I first saw Ninas de Papa's work, previous post here. Thankfully I came back to my senses and settled for these two, who could possibly resist cute little elephants decorating a hairband?!! The only problem with the hairband is that they kind of don't fit my head properly, they're slippery a bit, the elephants one at least, the other leaf hairband has a better fit.

Speaking of Ninas de Papa's, I hope that's not they're last collection, I would love to see what they'd come up with next! Their hairbands were so pretty and don't really break the bank!

You can shop Masterpeace at AlOthman Boutique in Salmiya - Maryam Complex, or online here.