That Miu Miu Bow!

Found the most perfect polished brocade shoes at Miu Miu the other day! Naturally I loved the flats more than the heels. Featured on the catwalk, these point-toe flats are trimmed with the cutest satin bow and straps. The only issue here is would I be able to get my money's worth and wear it constantly? Honestly I kind of doubt it but I don't care! At this point I'm willing to buy any pair of flats that don't squeeze the hell out of my feet! Besides! They're Miu Miu, I'm sure they'd stand the test of time!

I'd pair it with a preppy sweater and flared or pleated skirt or a pair of cropped pants. You can find similar styles here.


Aseel said…
I have those flats in the blue/red combination and i LOVE them! Didn't think i'd wear them that often but I actually do wear them almost everyday.
They have a fairytale vibe & add a fun twist to a simple daily outfit :)