Rock Fusion Rock

When it comes to rings, two or three or four is definitely better than one, and everyone who knows me, knows that I'm all about pairing off my rings. For fall, I'm feeling a mismatched-slash-lord-of-the-rings vibe. Case in point: wear a ring on every finger and go for the statement type.

To shake things up, allow me to introduce you to Rock Fusion Rock, a new brand created by 4 sisters of Brazilian/Italian background. Each playing an important part in the family run business, with the eldest (twins) having studied fashion design in Milan. They wanted to design a line of contemporary pieces using natural gemstones, affluent in their native Brazil, infusing them with various elements/minerals combined with impeccable craftsmanship traditional of their beautiful Italy.

Their jewellery is handmade by a team of talented artisans who transform each gem into a unique ring. No two rings will be exactly the same size, shape, color or cut since each gemstone is cut from a rough stone, adding character and a unique look to each piece.

Their jewellery is exclusively carried by Sauce in the UAE, Cynthia Rowley in the U.S. and soon it will be available online. For more info, you can contact them by e-mail