Mashmoom Design Shop

Have you ever wished you had the luxury to fly to all those really cool furniture trade shows and fairs and have someone there to help you pick out the very best of chic furniture, or you know, just for gift giving in general? Well wish no more, because Mashmoom Design Shop is making interior dreams come true.

I have finally managed to visit Mashmoom boutique, founded by my fellow blogger who goes by the same name. Located at Sun City in Shuwaikh, the relaxed space is adorned with retro-inspired furniture and the most unique collectibles and home accessories. I literally felt like I wanted to take everything with me back home! Or better yet, lock up the place and let no soul shops there except for yours truly. yeah I can be quite obsessive when I see something that I really like. I'm planning on a second visit since my hubby who was with me then, has zero tolerance to shopping.

Mashmoom Design Shop is located at Sun City Mall. For inquiries, please call (965) 24915313. Their opening hours are from 9.30am - 1.30pm and 5pm - 9pm.