I Want to Live in Madame Mantis

I wouldn't mind moving to Madame Mantis and live there forever if I could! Anyone who has visited this beautiful showroom has likely voiced this thought at least once! Because of its endless selection of home accessories and the most unique furniture, I always feel like that I have to buy something from there even though I don't really "need" to. Like for example this gold covered head sculpture by Kelly Wearstler, which by the way costs a whooping KD 3,000+. According to the sales lady, this piece is introduced by the designer every now and then but they're completely unique, never produced the exact same style. Everything you see in this store is absolutely unique! I try to go there regularly just so I don't miss out on the hard-to-find items, even though I mostly window shop. Check it out if you're doing some home improvements or looking for a gift. Scroll down for some of my favorite things.

Madame Mantis is located in Shuwaikh, close to Al Tilal Complex. The same complex where Caribou Coffee is.