Event: Pinkmoon's Pop Up

Yesterday I managed to pass by Pinkmoon boutique to check out their 3-day pop-up, today's the last day by the way. I was blown away by the selection of Jewelry by New York-based designer Clarissa Bronfman. They also had vintage-like, beaten-up leather bags from designer Khoi Le, which I would snatch up immediately if I was the jet-setter kind as they're prefect for quick trips. They also had the designers of Figue jackets, which apparently sold out one the same day of launching their event. I'd say the jewelry were the stars of the Pop Up, I wanted to buy ALL of the necklaces, check out the details of the charms hanging from the necklaces in the photos below.

Today is the last day of our pop up shop so be sure to pass by, they're open 10am-10pm.