A Visit to Dar Al Funoon's Affordable Art Show

Just before the long Eid Vacation, I passed by Dar Al-Funoon to check out its “Affordable Art Show”. It's one of those events which I try not to miss. Especially that I'm trying to collection paintings for my on-going home improvement projects. It was kind of quiet when I passed by, probably because everyone was already traveling for Eid. I was also slightly disappointed as I imagened it to display more options, like they did in their previous events. The selection was kind of limited. I did find two paintings that i really liked by William Anderson but I was too little too late as they were already sold out.

The “Affordable Art Show”, which is usually held 3-4 times a year, features a wide range of impressive works on paper, limited editions and originals by emerging artists from the Middle East and the world in general.

Loved the blue and white paintings by artist William Anderson. They were priced at KD 70 each and unfortunately for me they were both sold out already.

Water color painting titled "Billie Holiday" by artist Philip Kamble, known for his passion to painting music-related subjects. It was priced at KD 90 and I think you can still find it at Dar Al Funoon.

A beautiful set of paintings with Arabic calligraphy, oil on canvas, by artist Waleed Hassaniyah, KD 70 each.