Razzle Dazzle Denim

I spotted these eye-catching embellishment in the form of jeweled flowers on two different denim pants the other day, the first was by Pinko at Harvey Nichols Kuwait, and the second by good ol' Zara. Then days later, I spotted Stella McCartney's version of the embellished denim here, which kind of looked like a copy of Tu Es Mon Tresor's. 

I instantly remembered when I first wore my Tu Es Mon Tresor Pearl Embellished Boyfriend Jean, I bought them from Browns Fashion in Dec 2013. There were, still are, my ultimate casual-luxe look. Sometimes I wonder how would a small brand or an emerging designer feel when they see their original designs and creativity being copied by big brands. There's nothing much they can do, too exhausting and time/money consuming to take things to the courts. Besides, in the design and creative filed, be it fashion or art, copyrights barely exist, which is good and bad. Good? So that it won't constrict or limit creativity. Bad? because of the same reason why Pinko, Zara, and Stella did what they did.