IKEA Paper Shop

I think I've been out of touch with the real world, or else how could I have possibly missed on IKEA's paper shop?! Why haven't I heard about it before! I was shopping around IKEA over the weekend, mental note... never ever go to IKEA on weekends, it was beyond crowded, and just as I reached the kitchen utensils section, I came across the new, fun, and colorful paper shop. Finally! Pretty gift wrap that's not dusty nor will it break the bank!

I found all sorts of pretty things, party sets, paper blocks, notepads, notebooks, decoration, gift boxes, gift bags, and paper napkins. All were really reasonably priced. I bought a couple of notepads for my office use. The patterns and illustrations used are really nice and refreshing. I hope they'll keep introducing new designs every season. 



This kinda takes me back to a paper shop we have outside the Bombay Stock Exchange in Mumbai. A must visit place if you are ever in town. (www.bombaypaperie.com). I find their paper jewelry particularly, intriguing and arresting: a guaranteed showstopper.