Go West (Elm)... Life is chicer there

Kuwait is a small market, so it's no surprise to find at least 3 of your relatives or friends owning that same IKEA or West Elm item. Does it bother me? Not really, because a) everyone is styling or displaying it differently, and b) mass production means better deals for us, the hard working class. As I mentioned in my previous posts, we have just recently moved, which means some home improvements and revamping were required. So a visit to West Elm was on top of my "To-do" list. There's more than meets the eye at West Elm. It has a sleek design that's appealing, the display is very creative, and the kitchenware and outdoor accessories are just simple yet very pretty. It's definitely the higher end of IKEA. Here are some of the items I lusted after…. My favorite has to be this puff chair shown in the photo below, it feels like its inspired by vintage Moroccan wedding blankets. Love it!