Bags for Fall and Beyond

I get asked a lot about which bag to buy this season, or more precisely about the "it" bag of the season. I stopped believing in "it" bags a while ago (I feel like as if a small weight has been lifted off my shoulders!!). Last month as I started de-cluttering my closets in preparation for our move, it hit me hard how gullible I was the past I don't know how many years, in searching and hunting for the "it" bag of the season. I had a closet dedicated for handbags, some I wore maybe twice or three times max!! I started questioning my shopping habits and the desire to be defined by a status bag. I'm not saying that I'll never buy a handbag again, but I don't want to be influenced by the fashion media and get me all worked up about a bag and fight over it..... on the waiting list! It's not worth it. So I decided that If I see a bag that I like, I'll buy it. Not because it was mentioned on the pages of Vogue magazine or some celeb wore it. Besides, we still need to carry our junk around, so we'll always carry bags and clutches. 

That said, I'll share with you some of the bags that I liked this season. From statement oversized clutches and modern backpacks, to fringed totes, and mini hands-free cross bags.  This season there's something for everyone. Here, all the best, chicest bags I want to grab onto. Starting from top, Chanel's fringed bag from Chanel Dallas collection, Tod's two-tone D-cube bag (similar styles here), a mini cross bag by Tod's, Alexander Wang's backpack, Mark Cross vintage-inspired bags (also here), Anya Hindmarch clutch with  leather tassel charm, and surprisingly, West Elm's budget-friendly leather oversized clutches in beautiful colored stripes and polka dots.