Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Webby Wednesday: Craft and Co

One of the prettiest and most neatly wrapped packages I have ever seen was delivered to my doorstep the other day. It was from a newly-launched Kuwait-based online business called Craft and Co. 

Craft and Co offers a carefully curated selection of stationary products, home accessories, jewelry and other bits and bobs which are everything but ordinary. A great source for gift ideas I must add. Shop for gifts you'll love to give. No matter the occasion or recipient, you're sure to find the perfectly unique gift here. I've added my name to the waiting list to be notified for the Booksi dock, an iPhone charger made from old books (sold out already), among other cool things. 

Check out the site by clicking here.


Unknown said...

Where can I find in Kuwait

Arwa _Mt said...

Where can I find in Kuwait?

Arwa _Mt said...

Where can I find in Kuwait?


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