Video: The Making of Dior's Fusion Sneakers

Dior Fusion sneakers. The most talked about sneakers in social media accounts. They made their runway debut during the Spring 2014 couture show, and I instantly fell in love with both Dior's and Chanel's sneakers, which unfortunately won't go into production. And now that the Dior sneakers have finally landed at the brand's boutique world wide, for some reason my passion suddenly fizzled out. Could it be that the sneakers have been overly exposed on the social media? Or maybe the thought of dishing our KD 330+ on a pair of sneakers is not sitting well with me (yup I'm trying to get wiser with my purchases, especially with all the "shopping mistakes" I've done past seasons). That said, I do strongly appreciate their beauty and the couture craftsmanship behind them, especially after seeing this video.



miss ghesquiere said…
omg. marketing. aside from the embroidery those slip-ons are the absolute cheapest and easiest things to produce. all brands make their hugest margins on sneakers. believe me.