Pretty Priyanka Pieces

PRIYANKA is the eponymous jewelry label of Indian-born designer Priyanka Lugani. Her collections are a mix of Eastern and Western influences. Her rich Indian heritage is visible in the colour combinations and designs. Priyanka often uses charms on her woven silk-cord bracelets, which represent spiritual happiness, protection, and luck.

I remember I first met the designer over dinner in Bahrain when Dana of invited me for the annual jewelry exhibition. Before we got introduced I remember I was mesmerized by the family of statement rings she was wearing. This is the kind of jewelry that can be showcased against casual  chic outfits or dressed-up with all-black outfits, worn day or night, and can be easily stacked with your own everyday jewelry. Now as I skim through these images of her collection, I find myself drawn to her head pieces as well, that gold and blue beads head piece with dangling pearl is just TDF and oh-so-perfect for my caftan. 

You can check out PRIYANKA's new collection at BLAQ Concept store, not to be missed out if you'tr looking fot something to compliment your caftans and everyday outfits.