Outfit of the Day

Another day, another caftan, and I ain't complaining! I love wearing caftans, in fact I have decided to wear them all year long to friends and family gatherings. They're so comfortable and easy to wear. Let's just hope wearing caftans constantly doesn't translate to my waist getting wider gradually. I'm desperately trying to control my dessert and sweets intake during the month of Ramadan. I hope I'll fit into my eid outfit! 

Anyways, allow me to introduce you to one of my many favorite caftans this month, my Jallabiya caftan. It's probably one of the heaviest I have ever worn, I'm not an expert but it feels like it's been designed using at least 10 meters of fabric! The good thing is that although it's heavy on the hanger, it's actually quite light when worn. I love the color combination used and how it sways while I walk, swaying is my new flavor these days. 

I chose to accessorize my Jallabiya caftan with a classic Chanel shoulder bag. I can't seem to remember when exactly I purchased the below Chanel quilted bag, however I strongly remember how I got sucked into buying it simply for the cuteness of its charms. Of course the owl is something I added to personalize the look. I bought the owl charm from some outdoor market/bazaar in Florence in Italy back in 2005. I'm glad that it's still in a good shape! I should wear this bag more often...


the subject is kaftan said…
I am looking for a cotton linen kaftan to gift. Which online store would you recommend? And of course, they'd need to ship it to Kuwait within 24
Confashion said…
the subject is kaftan
try http://www.karkoosha.com/

Sorry if my reply was a bit late :)