Get to Know palmer//harding

Last September I was shopping in London's Dover Street Market, when the sales guy first introduced me to a new British brand called palmer//harding. I skimmed through the selection and instantly fell in love, I ended up buying a shirt, which at that time I thought it was a bit pricey for just a shirt, but I was on a holiday and a spending mood, so I bought it. Today, I wish I bought the entire rack! The quality of the shirt is ahhhh-maaay-zing and every time I wear it I get tons of compliments on it. It's the kind of shirt that stands the test of time, the kind you'd throw on if you're too lazy to think of what to wear, and best of all, its design is very unique. 

Having been described in the press as “the worlds most perfect shirtspalmer//harding is known best for the directional design and high quality of their shirting. According to the brand's site, the designers explore the idea of duality and contradictions in their work, elevating the ordinary to levels of modern sophistication. Their unique approach and aesthetic make palmer//harding a brand that appeals to the individual; unafraid to own a style completely unique to them. 

So imagine my excitement when I saw the same brand stocked at BLAQ Concept store a couple of months ago! I was over the moon! Remember this post? And remember THAT dress we all swooned over?? palmer//harding is  just a hop and a skip away. Heart heart!

You can shop a selection of palmer//harding's pieces at BLAQ Concept store, THESE featured pieces are not available yet BUT will be coming VERY SOON! Sonner than you think! *wink wink*. So stay tuned to find out how and when.