Event: Ralph Lauren's Ricky World Tour in Kuwait

Last Tuesday, Zainab Al Abdulrazzaq hosted an event at Ralph Lauren boutique in Prestige, the Avenues, to celebrate the launch of the newest “Soft,” “Mini” and “Chain” variations on its iconic Ricky Bag. On that occasion, Ralph Lauren exhibited a spectacular “Giant Ricky Bag”, that's 150cm wide x 122.3cm tall x 78.5cm deep and weighs a whooping 120kg to be more precise. And to put it more into perspective, over four times the size of the Soft Ricky. 

Taking cues from the Soft Ricky Bag, its beautifully crafted archetype, the Giant Ricky took a team of four expert artisans approximately one month to create, and is beautifully outfitted with all of the Soft Ricky’s authentic details, from Italian-made leather construction to its key bell, grommets and functioning lock.

Naturally I chose to wear Ralph Lauren pieces, so I picked a cotton knitted dress with gorgeous leather fringed detail, which I wore as a skirt, and paired it with a Ralph Lauren sleeves high-low top, and an oversized silk blazer, all from the Black line of the brand. I instantly fell in love with the fringes, they just flew from side to side as I walked, and made me want to twirl the whole time! Proof? Check out the photo above. Caught on camera, and twirled a bit when there was no one around. Guilty of twirling.

The vibe was perfect! Cool and easy going crowd, I also liked the fact that I was able to browse the selection at ease without the pressure of socializing and mingling. In addition to my obsession with Ralph Lauren's fringed dress, I fell in love with the mini Ricky bag, the leather was as soft as butter! They only had two colors in store, the white and the baby blue pictured above. But They're getting more colors soon, perfect for the Travel season, and last but not least, I loved the velvet slippers which you can customize with your initials, they cost around KD 245 and take up to 8 weeks to be delivered to you, now would be the ideal time to pre-order them for the coming season. I should have placed an order during the event, as anyone who purchased anything during the event got the chance to enter a draw to win two-first class tickets to New York to attend Ralph Lauren's fashion show (front row seat of course) and a three night stay at the PLAZA Hotel. I wonder who won! Anyhow, scroll down for some highlights of the events and some style spotting.

The mini Ricky bag I'm obsessed with now.

Sparkly heels by Ralph Lauren

Twirling again! 

Can you believe that this necklace is from Zara?! Gorgeous!

And another beautiful statment necklace worn by Laden of The Walkin Closet Boutique

The luxurious croc Ricky bag was seen carried by our sweet hostess Zainab Al Abdulrazzaq

And there she is (heart!)

Never fails to not disappoint/impress, Hanan Al Jouan of Haa Designs

More close-up details of the beautiful accessories worn by guests during the event

Sarah Al Wazzan knows how to wear Chanel <3 nbsp="" p="">

Ralph Lauren boutique in prestige offered complimentary monogramming on new and existing soft Ricky that right.


Anonymous said…
hello dear
i love your posts can't go a day without checking blog
allow me to correct you ,cause i think it's some sort of mistake.
you said "Never fails to disappoint" i think you meant either, "Never fails to impress" or" never dissapoint"

i'm sorry if its affending you by anyway.
Anonymous said…
To Anonymous : It's ( offending ) not (affending):D
I really looooved your outfit and i like how you wear the dress as a skirt<333! I also loved hanan aljoan's outfit soo much;*
keep going confashion you're the besttttt!