Chanel... The Wild Wild West

As you might already know through my instagram, the Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 collection has hit K-town. Better known as ‘the Metier d’art Paris Dallas’, the new collection was reflected on the window displays, and although I didn't get a closer look to the clothes selection, I did skim through the sheriff-inspired jewelry, silver accented shoes, and embossed bags. Honestly? Maybe I'm old-school but I really don't get this hybrid Paris-Dallas collection. I didn't like the boy bags, I didn't like the flats, I only kind of liked flat ankle boots but then they looked to costume-y for my taste, actually they reminded me of Nicole Kidman in Cold Mountain. Maybe if I had a better look at the clothes I might have changed my mind? I don't know. I guess all that western hardware just killed it for me, in a negative way. I guess it's good news for my wallet. 

I'd like to know your thoughts on this collection? A hit or a miss?


Anonymous said…
A definite MISS for chanel!