Uh-Oh Celine.

If I had my way, and endless cash flow, I would head straight to Celine's boutique in the Avenues and and stock-up on whatever I want for the new season and beyond. Their bags are my weakest points, they're the epitome of chic and elegance, and most of all timeless. I was discussing with my friends earlier tonight how I'm still in love with my Celine Nano bags, I bought my first one 3 or 4 years ago I think? It was a bright shade of emerald green, and a season later I got the fluorescent Pink one. I still carry them for hands-free shopping and especially when traveling as they're very spacious, considering their size, and very light to carry. 

My new obsession now goes to the Celine Tie Bag, better known as the new and improved Phantom of the season. There were quite a selection of mouth-watering colors of this bag, and I was lucky enough to have the yellow one, as you may have already noticed on my instagram. What I like about it, is that it's very spacious and comes with a mini pouch for small accessories and junk, easy to carry, and not as heavy as the Phantom bag. 

I took these photos last night at Celine's boutique in the Avenues (Prestige) during a private event, which I'll be posting more about tomorrow as I'm exhausted now. So many eye candy! In fact, I'm contemplating whether I should get the tri-colored luggage micro bag or not, or maybe settle for an everyday clutch? Sigh... decisions decisions. 


Chiara T. said…
This post is totally me! I'm saving my money for two celine that I need to have!!! :)
Anonymous said…
hey there, i know this isnt related to the topic but i just wanted your help. Im assuming you order quite a lot of net a porter. I just have a question on how that works on shipping to kuwait. Do i put my home address or a PO Box?
Confashion said…
It has to be a home address if you're ordering from Net-a-porter :)

Hope you'll get the soon :)