Miraduma in Sirdab 6 Caftans

Ever since I've seen these photos of Russian entrepreneur and street style icon Miroslava Duma dressed in caftans by Sirdab 6 by Souad J. Al Sabah for a fashion editorial for Marie Claire Kuwait, and I've been anticipating the exhibition of the designer's Ramadan collection. Unfortunately for me, due to my personal commitments, I was unable to go to the exhibition which was held last week, but my sister did and she got one gorgeous flowy caftan, no photo of it yet, but hopefully soon. 

Souad J Al Sabah managed to turn her vision into a reality. In 2002, she launched her unique designs blending culture, design and art. She cleverly combined vintage with modern fabrics to create her own unique signature pieces. Her strive for excellence takes her all around the world in search of the finest fabrics. Her mastermind was behind the famous trend that has swept over the region, the "short dara'a."

According to the designer whom I met recently in a private function, at the beginning, majority of the women of Kuwait were against the concept of a dara'a (caftan) in a modernized world. Dara'as were meant to be worn by the elderly. Ramadan meant wearing tailored suits and skirts. Little did they know that the Dara'a would take over their closets. It quickly became the stamp of Ramadan and has now became a classic cut that women of all ages wear throughout the year.