Caftan AlOthman

If you've been following me on instagram (@confashions), you'd have probably seen my posts on AlOthman Boutique's recent event, Caftan AlOthman. In celebration of launching Oscar de la Renta's caftans collection, the boutique has handpicked amazing local designers to design limited edition and  exclusive pieces for AlOthman Boutique. The designers who have participated were Reem Al HumaidanJallabiya by Reem Al Subih, Ghain Ghada by Showg Al Mudhaf, Dal by Dana Al Qabandi, and last but not least Ha'a by Hanan Al Joaan. It was beautiful sight seeing people supporting local talents and mingling with the designers, already 3 out of 5 participating collections have completely sold out by the next day! I sometimes secretly wish I had the creativity and talent to design caftans, but it's too much headache for me... for now at least.