Yoga Jeans?!

Ever tried to keep count of how many times you’ve complained about lack of movement in tight jeans? No matter the price point, the pairs were made to be sturdy, not ultra-comfy. That's a fact of life, the price we all have to pay to be fashionable. Well, it was.

I came to know about Second Denim's ultra comfortable Second Yoga jeans through ZINZIN boutique at Mercato Mall in Dubai. The jeans redefine the perceived limitations of wearing denim. Offering the same flexibility of yoga pants with the sturdiness of conventional denim, Second Yoga jeans are as comfortable as they sound. Apparently they come in regular, low and extra low cuts with flared, straight and skinny styles, and their comfy chic style also makes them a much better wardrobe choice for air travel than velour tracksuits.