The Kayys

Last Saturday I was invited to the launch of The Kayys Spring/Summer 2014 collection in Doha, Qatar. I was excited about the event and meeting the sister-designer trio, especially that I've never seen their work up-close and I wanted to pick their brains out and find out what the inspiration behind their collections. I've seen photos of their Ramadan collection last year and some pieces looked just phenomenal!

I arrived on time to the Gallery where The Kayys's new collection was showcased. Invited guests were required to wear the wristband, which was included in the hologram-ish invite, in order to access the gallery, located in Katara, a beautiful place where cultural awareness is promoted through festivals, exhibitions, seminars, concerts, and all forms of artistic expression in a cultural village.

We first stayed in a hall, photo above, to mingle before we were guided to another connected hall where the collection was displayed. The hall had foil-like rain coats hanging from different points on the ceiling, will tell you why later, and a corner with props to take your selfie.  As soon as the first hall got busy with the fashion-forward crowd, we were directed to the other hall. Large plexiglass boxes were placed throughout the hall, inside them were the models who were meant to look and 'act' like showroom mannequins. They were dressed in The Kayys's sartorial pastel-colored pieces, bursting with elegance. There were bubble machines installed in semi-hidden corners, blowing zillions of bubbles all over the place, which explained to me why the foil-like raincoats were on display, a large number of guests wore them to protect their extravagant abayas from getting stained. My favorite looks of the collection were the blue satin pants paired with a cape-like cropped top, embellished with see-through/hologram-ish sequins, and the pink off-the-shoulders satin gown with fully embroidered cape. They looked absolutely gorgeous. The pieces were available for pre-order and should be available within 2-3 weeks of placing the order.   

As for the guests and ladies attending the event, they looked absolutely stunning dressed in their fancy abayas, I loved their choices of shoes, bags, and accessories, on-trend and extravagantly over-the-top. I wanted to take close-up photos of their pieces but I felt awkward and wasn't so sure of their reaction. So I admired their sense of style from a far.

Hend, Ghada, and Maha, The Kayys girls, thank you so much for your hospitality and your very warm welcome. I loved and enjoyed every minute of my short stay in Doha. I hope I'll get to see you soon in my hometown Kuwait.

For more information about the brand, please send an e-mail to, or call +974 33436030, or follow them on instagram: @Thekayys.