In My Closet: Celine Knotted Leather Slippers

Having perfect, close-up style feet for the most luxurious slippers of this season planet is not easy, and in my case impossible. I know that my toes do NOT have what it takes to model a pair of new shoes, but I'm hoping that you'd be too mesmerized by the beauty of these Celine knotted leather slippers. The leather looks fresh to death, and the best part is that they're beyond comfortable! 

I've searched for these babies everywhere and they were sold out, remember my previous post here? My sister was in London last month and found them in my size at Harrods! How cool is that?! I was over the moon! They're officially my Summer shoes this year.


vintageteapotqueen said…
congrats my dear, I am glad that you found them in your size...And you have lovely toes mashaallah. If I had toes like yours I would walk barefoot!!
Mashaallaaah the slipper is sooo stylish and beautiful<3!! 3alaich bel3aaafyaaa