Event: Petals and Metals at Bayt Lothan

Bayt Lothan is currently hosting an event which showcases talented young Kuwaiti florists and jewelers. I passed by the event on the day of its launch, and even though it was not a huge exhibition, it was definitely rich in terms of display. I first headed to The'hba's booth to check out Abdallah Al Awadhi's exclusive collaboration with the jewelry brand. The talented entrepreneur used verses of the holy Qura'an as well as famous quotes as part of his designs on necklaces, rings, and bracelets. You may already have seen them on my instagram account @confashions. They looked pretty amazing and make a perfect gift idea for someone special. I also loved the "Daughters of the moon" collection of necklaces, rings, and bracelets by the super talented Kuwaiti designer Muneera Al Sharhan. She cleverly mixed yellow gold pieces with opal stones, one of my favorite. I'm eyeing one piece already. I also liked the enamel girls charms dressed in Kuwaiti traditional clothes by new jewelry designer Nadia Al Harbi. According to the designer, she tries to reinterpret traditional designs into modern everyday wearable jewelry. You will find patterns of old sadu used in her designs as well. 

As for the florists, I loved all of their arrangements  I'm not an expert in flower arrangements anyways, but they all looked so pretty and added a touch of romance to the exhibition's display. Among florists who participated were Ward Hessa and Lily Fleur

The lovely designer Abrar Al Ibrahim of The'hba. 

The sweetest smile by jewelry designer Muneera Al Sharhan


We are so sad you didn't pass by our booth, ZY Jewellery.