Eat and Glow

The other day I got the loveliest surprise from Eat and Glow, a Kuwait-based business that makes nutritious food and healthy snacks to fuel up the right way. Inside the recyclable wooden box, they’ve beautifully arranged some of their favorite gourmet/organic treats, including super nutty granola,  energy bars, a box of yummy truffles, Arachidi spread, and Gianduia spread. I've never heard of the last two spreads, so the first thing I did was called my family members and gave them a quick test.

The Gianduia spread actually tasted like a mix of dates and chocolate but not so sweet, after further research I came to know that the Gianduia is an Italian dessert paste made from hazelnuts, cacao and natural sweetener. We tried it with fruits and crispy bread and it tasteed so good! Actually, if you like Nutella, you will love this healthier version. As for Arachidi spread, it was more peanut-buttery type, and it tasteed just as good. I have also tried the granola and the rose covered truffles, and they were equally AMAZING.

According to Maha of Eat and Glow, they use mostly organic products and no sugar at all except for natural sugar from dates or other dried fruit. The packaging looked soooo pretty and fresh! I think it makes a great and memorable gift for foodies in your life. And that's not all! They also encourage their customers to recycle their jars by offering a special discount on their next order.

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