Tip TopShop Shape

It's been a while since I last saw something that I REALLY liked at TopShop. I don't know what went wrong with the mega high-street retailer, I used to buy at least 10 items each season, now I rarely find something that I like, It's either their quality and variety have gone bad, or I've aged changed. So over the long weekend, I decided to pop-in TopShop's store in the Avenues in hopes of finding something that might tickle my fancy. And to my surprised, I did finally find something that I really liked! An emerald green satin jacket with oversized pockets and semi-cropped sleeves. It looked flawlessly Jackie-O chic! Actually it reminded me of a jacket I once saw at Boutique N by Italian brand No.21 and fell in love with but for some reason, I didn't end-up buying (maybe it was the price tag?). I immediately snatched this piece for KD37 only! Not bad at all, ha? I'm hoping this is the start for TopShop getting its groove back.


LadyB said…
I think the trick to finding great items is visiting them every other day :x