Not a Bag Lady

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm not THAT into bags. It's something that I only realized a few years ago. I have nothing against bags per se- I gotta admit that some styles do excite me now and then. It's just sometimes I don't get it when some women become so worked up about getting a Birkin or a certain Chanel, or that their price tag is triple the price of 3 nights stay in a 5-star hotel in London! That's just too much! So the past year I have started to settle for bags/clutches that a) I like, b) won't break the bank, c)wearable time and time again. 

During my last trip to London, I was shopping with my sister when I finally spotted a clutch that caught my fashion radars. It was a Balenciaga flap-clutch made out of straw. It looked perfect for our Summer and was roomy enough to fit my essentials like mobile, keys, mini notepad, lipstick, and my mini wallet. And it was reasonably priced compared to the madness we see now a days. It was love at first sight. And then I noticed the huge straw shopper bag by Balenciaga too and was thiiiiiis close to purchase it as well, but it wasn't that practical, for me at least! It looked like the kind of bag you'd want to carry to the beach or out for a picnic. Anyhow, the clutch made my day, my sister was relieved to see me purchase a new bag as she got sick of the ones I carry. So it was a win win situation for all. 

I'd love to know what kind of bag you carry now and hardly change? Share your thoughts. 


I dont have a favourite bag i just carry what suits my outfit.. But i have a favourite shoe that makes me manage my outfit only to be mached with it<3