Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hair Today... not Gone Tomorrow

Hairbands. Is it even possible to write about hairbands without mentioning queen B? Blaire Waldorf that is no Beyonce. The girls who started a trend back then. Every girl I knew wore a hairband, preferably with a side feather, during the Gossip Girl days. Hairbands have been my go-to hair haven for my "I-want-to-look-nice-without-exerting-any-effort-whatsoever" situations, especially on bad hair days, which I seem to suffer from most days of the year. 

I found some really cool styles by Eugenia Kim at Harvey Nichols Kuwait the other day. I loved the leather knotted style but it didn't look nice on me, I tried one the rest and they looked perfect! I got one, and now as we speak, I'm contemplating whether I should get another style too.   

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