Event Hannayome at Al Hamra Tower

Earlier tonight I passed by Hannayome's annual exhibition at Al Hamra Tower. If you're clueless about Hannayome, then here's a quick brief  basically it's your local wedding and special events guide for all bridal and wedding related businesses. Think wedding planners, wedding cakes, spas, jewelry  local designers, hair and make-up salons, chocolatiers, caterers... etc. This year the team behind Hannayome expanded their display space so that not only it includes the basmenet of Al Hamra tower, but also on the ground floor they had a dedicated area where they displayed wedding cakes,  and on the same floor, there was the Exhibition Hall, where Hannayome held a Jewelry Wonderland, and it was conceptualized by Hannayome's team and designed plus executed by Fresh Couture. You'll see more photos as you scroll. 

I enjoyed seeing a lot of the businesses participating in this event, I strongly recommend you check out Showg Al Mudhaf's booth Ghain Ghada for caftans with a unique modern twist, Ricamo had a pretty selection of statement necklaces and home accessories, the vintage area was well set-up too with three mannequins dressed in vintage (or semi-vintage) designer pieces. 

Scroll down for highlights of the event and close-ups fo super stylish ladies.

Hannayome's Jewelry Wonderland was held at the Exhibition Hall, Mezzanine floor. It was conceptualized by Hannayome's team and designed plus executed by Fresh Couture.