Dear Confashion: Berberism by Bakchic

Remember a few months ago when I posted about Moroccan-based brand Bakchic by a tres chic blogger? Time to get a closer look at her latest collection titled Berberism. The new collection brings old Moroccan couture secrets and artisanal skills into the modern world. This new collection is the result of a deep cultural immersion, faithful to an incredible cultural heritage handed down from ages past as well as an updated outlook on the contemporary fashion trends. Chasing the inspiration from the magical mystery of the Atlas Mountains to the urban boiling of Casablanca, Berberism is an invitation to re-discover middle eastern couture.

The jewelry in these photos are just killing me, I love silver middle eastern Azza Fahmi'ish designs and especially when piled on. And that warp-skirt is perfection! Reminds me of a very beautiful vintage gift  from a very precious friend, the gift was what Moroccan call a wedding blanket with beautiful fringed and embellished details. I'll post about it sometime soon once I get the chance to take photos of it. 

Find out more about Bakchic or shop the collection by clicking here


Anonymous said…
It's Awesome!!! Congrats to the designer!
sofia said…
Thank you so much!