Zero + Maria Cornejo Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

When I first heard the news of Zero + Maria Cornejo's capsule collection to celebrate its 15 years anniversary, I suddenly realized that I never bought or owned any piece from this brand, not because I don't like it, I appreciate its timeless and elegant appeal, and in fact I always recommend it to my sister who wears a hijab as I find the brand's shapes and silhouettes ideal for her. The beauty of Zero + Maria Cornejo's designs is that they're ageless and can be worn for years to come. So it's only natural for the designer to go back to the brand's archive and selection pieces designed years ago and re-introduce them again this season. 

To celebrate the milestone, the designer has asked fifteen of the brand’s closest artist clients and friends, including Tilda Swinton، Kara Walker، and Cat Power to name a few, to select a favorite piece of clothing from their Zero wardrobes collected over the years. These pieces, including one in Zero + Maria Cornejo’s first ever print, have been re-issued as a special archive collection for the spring of 2014. 

Another interesting fact that I came to know about is that this capsule collection is launched exclusively at Barneys locations throughout the United States, AlOthman Boutique in Kuwait (woohoo!), as well as at both Zero + Maria Cornejo retail locations in the United States. Something definitely worth buying, a loose beachy dress for my summer getaways.