Visting ON Motcomb in London

In the beginning when I first knew about ON Motcomb, I wondered if it's wise business move to have such a specialized boutique in the heart of London, where you will find a culture that embraces casual fashion, and where the biggest department stores are just a stone's throw away. That's a tough competition, I thought to myself. Months later I realized that this was one of the smartest (and bravest) moves done in the fashion retail industry in the UK. For starters, how often do you get lucky with finding the perfect evening gown when shopping in Harvey Nichols or Harrods? In my case, close to none. Where can you find brands such as Zac PosenToni Matičevski, Katie Ermilio, and Rosie Assoulin in London? As far as I know, not in any of the high-end department stores or established boutiques. So it makes sense to have a specialized boutique that features collections from luxury brands for every evening occasion. ON Motcomb is able to woo fancy ladies from London's socialites to all-year-around tourists from the Middle East. I was excited to visit the boutique during my stay in London a few weeks ago. Honestly the interior, designed by Ammar Bashir, is just amazing. The photos do not do it justice, and the fitting rooms are so fancy and comforting (accessorized with the latest fashion magazines), that they actually felt like a part of a cool apartment in the upper east side. The gowns? I'll let the posted photos do the talking. 

ON Motcomb is located at 11–12 Motcomb Street in London. For further info, please click here.

Katie Ermilio hot pink gown

Part of the fitting rooms