Event: Remal International Festival

Over the weekend I have finally managed to visit Remal International Sand and Light Sculpture Festival, the world’s largest sand sculpture park organized by P2BK (Proud to be Kuwaiti Organization). I've heard about it through family and friends, but I didn't expect it to be THAT huge (around the size of 4 soccer fields and some sculptures were more than 50 feet tall!) and of course that amazing! The themes of the sand sculptures were based on the popular book Elf layla wa Layla or (1001 Nights), I liked the fact that some sculptures had a sign with a description/story behind them. I must warn you though, some sculptures looked too gothic and scary for little kids, as you'll see in the photos posted here.  

According to Kuwait Times, around 80 sculptors from 25 different countries have been employed in sculpting. The total cost of the project is about US $2 million to $ 3 million (That's a whooping 1 million Kuwaiti dinars). 

If you're planning to visit Kuwait anytime soon, or you haven't been to it yet, I strongly recommend that you visit Remal International Sand and Light Sculpture. It's located at Kuwait International Fairgrounds beside Hall 4, and it will be on until April 26, 2014.