Endless Love for Shoes

Yes, I'm a Shoe-aholic. No I don't need help. My addiction gets worse season after season, but I can't help it and god knows it can't be cured. How would it be possibly when I'm constantly surrounded by beautiful beeeeauuutiful shoes at AlOthman boutique. And now the resort collections are hitting the shop floor, so making a decision is even harder. I tried on the first Alexander Wang truffle beige leather and suede 'Malgosia' sandals featuring an open toe, and a front lace up detail, as shown in the first photo, and they fit perfectly. So I purchased them, my first heels for the new season. Then I browsed the rest of the resort selection, the Jason Wu heels are to-die-for as shown in the two photos below. 

Other options that I'm considering, the Isabel Marant black satin sandals with a cute knotted bow on the side, and two pairs by Aquazurra.

What shoes are you getting/eyeing for this season?


Anonymous said…
Your blog used to be great but the last year it has become very boring. Come on, put something exciting for your readers, there are so many great things happening in Kuwait and you are not covering anything.
Ever Dust said…
so gorgeous…Who wouldn't be obsessed for shoes like that!