Chanel Shoes

I know how much you guys love Chanel,  the instagram likes make a good indication, so I thought I might as well share with you the latest Chanel styles I have spotted during my stay in London a couple of weeks ago. I also passed by Chanel's boutique yesterday to see if they have received any of the ones I'm featuring here in this post, unfortunately found none, on display at least not sure if they have them stored inside.

The Camilla covered sneakers are back, but this time in lace, and honestly? I didn't like them at all, especially the off-white colored sneakers, they looked like carelessly crumbled tissue paper thrown on top of them. The leather ankle espadrilles looked cute, again I wouldn't personally buy them as they're not my style, but I can totally see how they can be stylishly paired with nautical pieces. I'd say my favorite were the Chanel thong sandals with golden coin-like charms, the feet must be in tip-top shape and well-pedicured to compliment the style. I wasn't too impressed by the remaining styles, I guess we'll have to see what Summer 2014 has up its sleeves.