Friday, February 28, 2014

Something for Your Home

One of the things I enjoy doing when travelling is checking out the latest trends in modern furniture and homeware sections, not necessarily to buy, but to get an idea of what's new and hip in their field. Take notes for my future home. I normally like to take a walk down King's road in London,  there's a good selection of contemporary furnishing stores, but due to time time contraint, I only managed to check out the selection at Harrods and Selfridges, and it didn't disappoint. At I found a beautiful selection of modern blue chinoiserie home accessories and rugs, I loved how they matched the pieces with striking bright orange sofa. The mega huge ceiling lights‎ in geometric designs looked breathtaking too! I wish I memorized the brands names! Selfridges had a cool section for Anthropologie, the american brand for shabby chic clothes and home accessories. Their dinning sets and plates were so pretty! I'm sure we'll see this franchise soon in K-town.

What is your favorite contemporary home stores in Kuwait and internationally?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's All About the Shoes

I have long realized that I'm a shoe person. I like shopping for other accessories like jewelry and bags, but shopping for the perfect pair do not only complement my outfits, they complete me. From the day when I was a little girl dreaming of Cinderella's glass heels to my grown-up year and obsession with Carrie's collection, every season I fall head over heels for "the right pair", and to hell with my savings and comfort (in most cases)! 

While in London (are you sick of reading this sentence on my recent posts? Yeah me too!), I spotted a bunch of styles that either almost made me go bankrupt, or were not in my size. So kick off your heels and scroll down for some eye candy. Starting with Céline's knotted leather slippers, of course they were sold out in my size. Still on the hunt for these babies. There was the satin version, shown below, but they looked border-line boring..

STUNNING! I loved these Balenciaga tassel patent-leather sandals, they just scream summer! You can find them online here and here.

Balenciaga printed leather sneakers are a cool addition for casual chic weekends, you can find them online here.

It feels like buying a new pair of Miu Miu every season is a must to me! I had a hard time deciding between the jazz shoes and the lace-up sandals

You can't go wrong with an embellished pair of Alaïa sandals. 

I'm in love with these leather lace-up espridelles but I can't seem to remember the brand! 

I was thiiiiiiis close to buy Rick Owen x Adidas sneakers but my sister knocked some sense into me.

Should I or shouldn't I? Givenchy Diamante skate shoes were so comfortable! You can shop them online here.

Back to Alaïa, you can shop the plexi heels here and the flat version here.

Burberry surprised me, in a nice way, with this yellow python skin peep-toe heel

And if you're on a very very tight budget, Zara can come in handy! Can you believe the above shown lace-up black and cobalt blue heel is by the high-street giant?!! Amazing!

And last but not least, a good comfy pair of Nike's would also do! I loved the hologram detail and the textured material, so un expected!

Just Like Ek Thongprasert...

I posted about Zara's latest designer "inspiration" on my instagram two weeks ago, Ek Thongprasert. I spotted them in London but I found them today at Zara Kuwait too. Ek Thongprasert is known for his jewelry line of gem-stone shapes mostly made out of colorful silicon. You can shop the real deal at Boutique N in Burj Jassim or online here.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chanel Shoes

I know how much you guys love Chanel,  the instagram likes make a good indication, so I thought I might as well share with you the latest Chanel styles I have spotted during my stay in London a couple of weeks ago. I also passed by Chanel's boutique yesterday to see if they have received any of the ones I'm featuring here in this post, unfortunately found none, on display at least not sure if they have them stored inside.

The Camilla covered sneakers are back, but this time in lace, and honestly? I didn't like them at all, especially the off-white colored sneakers, they looked like carelessly crumbled tissue paper thrown on top of them. The leather ankle espadrilles looked cute, again I wouldn't personally buy them as they're not my style, but I can totally see how they can be stylishly paired with nautical pieces. I'd say my favorite were the Chanel thong sandals with golden coin-like charms, the feet must be in tip-top shape and well-pedicured to compliment the style. I wasn't too impressed by the remaining styles, I guess we'll have to see what Summer 2014 has up its sleeves. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The New Fendi Monsters

Remember when I posted about Fendi's furry monsters/bag charms (previous post here)? Well they're back and revamped with crystal eyes and more colorful ombred hair. I spotted the new versions at Fendi's boutique in London's Sloane Street. They looked cute and cuddly placed next to each other, but I don't think I'll need one for the time being. I'll settle for my good ol' Fendi furry friend for now.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Visting ON Motcomb in London

In the beginning when I first knew about ON Motcomb, I wondered if it's wise business move to have such a specialized boutique in the heart of London, where you will find a culture that embraces casual fashion, and where the biggest department stores are just a stone's throw away. That's a tough competition, I thought to myself. Months later I realized that this was one of the smartest (and bravest) moves done in the fashion retail industry in the UK. For starters, how often do you get lucky with finding the perfect evening gown when shopping in Harvey Nichols or Harrods? In my case, close to none. Where can you find brands such as Zac PosenToni Matičevski, Katie Ermilio, and Rosie Assoulin in London? As far as I know, not in any of the high-end department stores or established boutiques. So it makes sense to have a specialized boutique that features collections from luxury brands for every evening occasion. ON Motcomb is able to woo fancy ladies from London's socialites to all-year-around tourists from the Middle East. I was excited to visit the boutique during my stay in London a few weeks ago. Honestly the interior, designed by Ammar Bashir, is just amazing. The photos do not do it justice, and the fitting rooms are so fancy and comforting (accessorized with the latest fashion magazines), that they actually felt like a part of a cool apartment in the upper east side. The gowns? I'll let the posted photos do the talking. 

ON Motcomb is located at 11–12 Motcomb Street in London. For further info, please click here.

Katie Ermilio hot pink gown

Part of the fitting rooms

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Event: Remal International Festival

Over the weekend I have finally managed to visit Remal International Sand and Light Sculpture Festival, the world’s largest sand sculpture park organized by P2BK (Proud to be Kuwaiti Organization). I've heard about it through family and friends, but I didn't expect it to be THAT huge (around the size of 4 soccer fields and some sculptures were more than 50 feet tall!) and of course that amazing! The themes of the sand sculptures were based on the popular book Elf layla wa Layla or (1001 Nights), I liked the fact that some sculptures had a sign with a description/story behind them. I must warn you though, some sculptures looked too gothic and scary for little kids, as you'll see in the photos posted here.  

According to Kuwait Times, around 80 sculptors from 25 different countries have been employed in sculpting. The total cost of the project is about US $2 million to $ 3 million (That's a whooping 1 million Kuwaiti dinars). 

If you're planning to visit Kuwait anytime soon, or you haven't been to it yet, I strongly recommend that you visit Remal International Sand and Light Sculpture. It's located at Kuwait International Fairgrounds beside Hall 4, and it will be on until April 26, 2014. 


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