Vintage Chanel

I was excited to see a unique selection of vintage Chanel jewelry and handbags being sold at Harvey Nichols Kuwait. Their selection is by New York-based brand What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA)the premier destination and purveyors of fine vintage and luxury. This is the kind of stuff I want and always look for when I shop, as in unique not necessarily vintage.  Special pieces that nobody else has. Besides, I think by now I'm sick of the boy bag.

On the subject of vintage, for some reason I was under the impression that vintage clothing is any clothing from a decade ago, or items you buy from a thrift store. Obviously I was misinformed. Vintage clothing is technically any sort of clothing twenty five years old or older. 

Would you splurge on a vintage designer piece or prefer the on-trend in-season pieces?


Anonymous said…
I wouldn't buy them telling how over priced they are. However I do wear my mom's vintage chanel accessories/handbags which are very similar to the ones shown (but sometimes I have doubts giving how old they are,what do you think?)
I asked my mother about the prices back then and she confirmed that they were not even near these prices, I guess that's good news for our current designers items;)
into vintage said…
I am extremely glad that you shed some light on this subject. I would not mind buying the vintage pieces, since as you have mentioned, the rarity of owning a piece that is not mainstream is an investment. I too have become sick of the boy bag. It has caused such a frenzy.

What are your thoughts on the Chanel lego clutch or no.5 bag?