Outfit of the Day

Okay. I’ll admit it right here, right now. I’ve been completely slacking off.  I could give you all sorts of  excuses (true ones) like I’ve been sick, family, work, social obligations.... the list goes on, but the #1 reason for slacking??? I'd have to say the instagram, which made it so easy for me to micro-blog. Like for example this Outfit of the Day post, I was supposed to take detail shots with my camera and then download the photos, edit....etc, but it was 100 times easier to just snap a casual pic using my friend's iphone and post it on insta. Anyhow... Let's see the details of Outfit of the Day, which I wore to Shakshooka.

Camouflage printed brushed cotton jacket with a detachable white fur collar by Tzipporah by Natasha Goldenberg from Boutique N, knitted top by Helmut Lang, grey jeans by Topshop, fringed boots by Isabel Marant, and Dior pearl Earrings. 


Anonymous said…
elegant as always :)
what bag did you wear this outfit with? I can tell from ur ootd posts that ur not so much into bags :p
sofia said…
OMG this is perfect!
love love love!
sofia said…
omg this is perfect!love love love!!!
sofia said…
perfect! love this
I was waiting for that post from the day I saw you at shakshookamarket to tell you that I really like your whole outfit, Honestly I didnt like that jacket until I saw it on you!! Now I am not only liking it but also loving it and wanting it as well<333!
Confashion said…
Thank you very much :)
You're absolutely right! I'm definitely a shoes kind of girl :) That said, I carried my faithful celine tri-bag :)

Thank you soooo much wallah I'm humbled by your comments and constant support :) were you there at Shakshooka as well?
No neeed sweetie you deserve it<3! Yes I was there
YasmineElCharif said…
Hi Darling! Sorry I haven't commented here for some time. Like you said on Instagram it's far easier to follow your posts! As a suggestion, you can perhaps try and set your share settings on Instagram so that it posts to your blog? I think there is a Plug-in for that you can add to your back end. That way- you can swiftly post from Instgram to the blog directly whenever you please. Just a friendly suggestion that I maybe could help! In any case, we'll love it whenever you post on your or Instagram! Keep them coming!