Object of Desire

While I was in Dubai a few weeks ago to attend I spotted these ahhh-maaayy-zing straw chevron shorts by Parisian chic brand Carven at S*uce boutique, and I fell truly madly deeply in love with them. Unlikely for me, they ran out in my size. So I did the next best thing, try them on anyways to see if I could make some sort of alterations to make them fit by force! That didn't work unfortunately for me. And of course I searched for them online only to find that they're only available in black, which kind of defeats the purpose of wearing something made out of straw. I'm still on the look out, so if you come across these beauties, hollaaaa. 

I love the fact that Carven was able to reinterpret a classic silhouette by using woven straw as the material. Would look amazing paired with oversized sweatshirt or button-down shirt, and a pair of cute flats. 


Hana said…
Check the Carven store in Avenues! If it's not in stock they may be able to order it for you