Mr & Mrs Furs

Despite the rain storm and the high humidity (my hair is my antenna), January is probably going to become colder than I expected, which means one thing. The urge to buy a new coat is even higher than ever, and it seems that I can't stop thinking about this beyond gorgeous khaki parka jacket with its multi-pink fur lining by a brand called Mr & Mrs Furs. Actually I've been eyeing this style for quite sometime but now that's sold out, ogling its images is the closest I could get! You can find similar styles by clicking here.


Anonymous said…
Sorry Confashions, but this looks like something that was dropped off at the Salvation Army that no one is willing to buy. The mink doesn't look like mink at all and the very pinkness of it makes it look cheap. There are tons and tons of gorgeous coats out there, that are edgy and stylish and ON SALE now. Hope you end up buying something more in line with your usual great great taste :*