Mark That Bag

I've been eyeing Mark Cross's grace bags for quite sometime, but I always end up buying a pair (or two) of new shoes instead. This time I got my mind set on it, and Harvey Nichols Kuwait made it even easier for me to get an up-close look of the bag and a chance to try it on. The new season's version of the bag comes with studs, which I wasn't too crazy about. I prefer the plain ones, and in neutral shades. I was surprised to find out that this American brand was first established in 1845 and resurfaced in 2010, quite a history! What I love about it is that its interior is very roomy, making it a great alternative to small clutches that hardly fit my junk. Now it's time to decide on a color...

You can shop Mark Cross online here.


Lama said…
That plain red one is to die for. I might have to go get my hands on one as well!
The red color is insaaaane!!!!