Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just Like Kenzo...

A couple of seasons ago when the tiger motif on Kenzo's sweatshirts first appeared on the fashion scene I actually liked the trend for a while. But then fashion houses and high-street stores got caught by the tiger bug and it felt like they had to add the tiger motif to one, two, or even three of their designs. THAT killed it for me. Take for example these featured shoes and clutches by Charlotte Olympia (spotted at Bloomingdales Dubai) and a button-up shirt by Ipekyol in the Avnues. I do cherish that feeling of owning a designer (or even non-designer but very special) piece before it gets turned into a reproduced-in-a-zillion-style kind of piece for the mass-market by high-street stores, and in this case, high-end brands. 

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