Event: Shakshooka at AlOthman Boutique

Two weeks ago I have finally managed to witness what Shakshooka Market is all about. Launched by a talented Kuwaiti chef Maryam (Mimi) Al Nusif, Shakshooka Market is a pop-up farmers market held each Thursday evening for two hours in various locations around Kuwait, one day it can be outdoors as far as Bnaider, and the next it can be held in unexpected areas like Bayt Lothan and Shuwaikh. You'd have to follow mimi's instagram account to find out where the next Shakshooka will be held. It's worth mentioning that Mimi was trained at Le Cordon Bleu, the world's largest and most prestigious hospitality education institution and earned a job at THE Nobu Berkeley in London. 

The Shakshooka Market I've been to was held at AlOthman Boutique's in-door garden and lounge area. I was excited to see fresh/organic food on display by local and expat artisan bakers, cooks, and farmers. There were also a couple of vendors who sold arts and crafts and non-food items like crochet, organic soaps, scrubs, and creams, as well as scarves. I ended up buying almond butter and dates chocolate sugar free sauce from @thebreadbarn, all natural sugar-free veggie sauce from @rootsandblade, walnuts pie from @feleciaspantry, pita bread from @happy__souls, peanut butter and coconut bites from @hgoodieskw, and salted caramel nut bar by @auntmaries. And Yes I highly recommend them ALL! 

I loved the easy-going vibe, the simplicity of the set-up (very shabby chic), most tables were covered with beautifully printed clothes by ecru, all participants and organizers were super friendly and genuine, and last but not least, spotted some really stylish people, after all, it was held at a very stylish place. You can view more photos on my instagram account @confashions. Now scroll down for highlights of the evening.